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Generating electricity through solar panels helps towards making you energy independent and efficient. As electricity prices rise you will be protected through reduced electricity bills and also receive a government incentive for having solar PV installed.

Our installation service based throughout Essex and London anot only includes the designing and installation of a PV system but also planning application support.

Be in control of your hot water bills, we install commercial and domestic solar hot water throughout Essex and London; both evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors. We also have a range of swimming pool heating solutions.

With the domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI) out aim is to provide you with the best service possible and at the same time give you long term peace of mind.

Solarspot® tubular skylight systems lead the world of light pipes, with unrivalled technology and performance. Delivering significantly more light than any other light pipe.

A Solarspot® tubular daylight system is the perfect way to fill your home with beauitful, natural daylight. So if your fed up with dark, dull rooms and want to let the light flood your home or office.


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