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Mr & Mrs Gissing, Braintree, Essex 4kWp system

Mr and Mrs Gissing of Braintree in Essex approached Horizon Systems regarding the installation of a 3.68kWp system. Mr Gissing explained that the quotes they were getting in for install from other companies were far too expensive. We expained that our prices were keen and priced for a job well done. Mr Gissing found our price for a 3.68KwP System good value for money.

We installed 20 Caymax 200w panels alongside an Eversolar inverter 3.68. These panels have a 15.7% efficiency with purer cells that work better for longer. They have a high voltage (VOC) of 45.3v this gets the inverters working earlier in the day and for longer. The Eversolar voltage inverters have a low starting voltage that enables the system to start and finish in low light conditions. They also have wireless monitoring units for current and historical data.

Mr and Mrs Gissing are able to be rest assured that their investment will not only give them a healthy return each year but our workmanship warranty covers them for 10 years. The panels have a 25 year performance warranty and the inverter is covered under a manufacturer warranty extension option of 10 to 25 years.

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